Innovative Bioscience Solutions Launches New Product

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Atlanta, Georgia – Innovative Bioscience Solutions, in partnership with the Aqua-Green-Clean Certification Program, has launched a new proprietary product system, Clear View, for acrylic surfaces.

The Clear View system has been in preliminary testing at the Georgia Aquarium since 2010 and it has seen outstanding results. The two part system includes “Re-New View” which restores acrylic surfaces to like-new condition and “Clear View” which buffs and bonds to the surface.

After the successful trial at the Georgia Aquarium, CEO and C.I.E.C. Lisa Levison plans to expand the Clear-View market to other Aquariums across the country and to other unique facility environments that utilize acrylic surfaces.

About Innovative Bioscience Solutions:

Innovative Bioscience Solutions is a facility and environmental consultancy group located in Atlanta, Georgia. What began in 1989 as Innovative Design Ideas, Inc., grew to become Turner Capital Inc. in 2010. Today, Turner Capital Inc., is doing business as Innovative Bio-Science Solutions.

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